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We are a Tampa Florida law firm uniquely focused on U.S. Immigration Law. This area of law is complex, unique and is always evolving. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to understand your unique situation to resolve it efficiently, effectively and in a timely manner.

It is important that you understand that while facing an immigration or deportation officer, the officer is not required to explain your options or rights. With the guidance of our attorneys, you can rest assured your rights will be protected, and you can have the peace of mind of having the best advice for your particular case from our team.

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Salomon Numa

Born and raised in Colombia, Attorney Numa is an immigrant himself. His personal experience, along with a deep understanding of Immigration Law, allows him to grasp how individuals feel when facing the Department of Homeland Security. This is an invaluable part of being an Immigration Lawyer.

Intently focusing on Immigration Law has given him a profound level of expertise in the field as well as a reputation within the immigration legal community for achieving seemingly unattainable results.

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