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About Us

Our team has the necessary expertise in the legal field of immigration to resolve your needs.

We are an Immigration Law Firm providing high quality, cost-effective legal services for our clients. We understand the challenges presented by immigration law, and we are focused on making the process as smooth as possible for our clients. We are committed to understanding your immigration needs and providing an efficient and definitive solution.

We encourage our clients to be engaged in the process and we are always eager to answer your questions in a detailed and clear manner. We invite you to call us and schedule a consultation. All of our staff is fluent in English and Spanish to better serve your needs. During your initial consultation you will speak directly with Attorney Numa.

Our Staff

With dozens of years of collective experience, our staff is prepared to handle all immigration matters. Coming from different trainings and cultural backgrounds our team has a unique perspective on how to handle your case. Each staff member serves a different and important role in obtaining a favorable decision in your case.

Attorney Numa provides specialized legal services to a diverse array of clients. To learn how the firm can obtain a successful resolution to your legal matter, contact American Immigrant Legal Services, LLC at 813-931-8807 to schedule an initial free consultation.

Maria Sheckels

Administrative Legal Assistant

Maria Sheckels provides support to the legal staff by managing the day-to-day operations and clerical duties of the law firm. Mrs. Sheckels has 20 years of experience in the area of Immigration Services, and has been recognized for her work and effort to serve with dedication and loyalty to the immigrant community. 

 As an immigrant herself, Mrs. Sheckels has devoted her career to learning the ins and outs of the immigration world. She has built a unique expertise and provides our firm with the support needed to assist those most vulnerable in the immigrant communities. Besides her extensive work experience, she received training from numerous recognized sources of Immigration Law. Amongst them are the following: 

1. Training by the Department of Justice with regards to the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) 
2. Naturalization Training and Administration of the Naturalization exam by Houston Community College 
3. Attended numerous seminars hosted by the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) 
4. Certification for Advance Corporate Immigration Law by the New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education 
5. Training by the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS)

Yuri Paz

Legal Assistant

Yuri Paz is of Cuban origin, descendant of educators who dedicated their lives to education. In the same manner, they gave Yuri a foundation to be an excellent mother, wife, and exemplary immigrant.

She arrived in the United States on April 1995. Her intuition drove her to work in the area of customer service. After completing high school at The Family Learning Center of New York, she moved to Miami, Florida where she received training at the International Training Career for Medical Technician. Through her work, she reconfirmed that her vocation was customer service. Her professional passion was growing every day, and in her desire to continue to improve she enriched her ability to provide services. That is how she decided to enter the Florida Career College where she received her diploma as Medical Assistant, Billing and Coding.

For many years Yuri worked with Dr. Rodolfo A. Perez at the Health Network One Institute. Her experience serving the public gave her the opportunity to get close to the immigrant community, and in turn developed the opportunity to work alongside the renowned Maria D. Sheckels. And she became involved with the American Immigrant Legal Services, LLC. under the direction of Attorney Salomon Numa.

Yuri has become the right-hand of Attorney Numa and an ally of the immigrant community. The American Immigrant Legal Services’ clients see Yuri not just as a friendly person, but someone who truly connects and understands the solutions each of them seek in legal services.

Monica Goncalves


Mónica Goncalves assists the staff that coordinates the legal management and the administrative tasks within the firm.

She collaborates with the management of the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000, passed in October 2000, which aims to support victims of some types of aggression, such as domestic violence, sexual abuse, among other crimes, which have affected their mental and/or physical stability in some way. Despite their migratory instability, they are willing to assist law enforcement in the investigation and prosecution of criminal activity in the U.S. territory, therefore obtaining physical and labor stability benefits through the Visa U.

Being an immigrant herself and a daughter of immigrants, she understands the fundamental value of helping people who, due to this condition, feel vulnerable and she finds in this process an effective contribution to the needs that emerge mostly in the Latino community.

Regina Osorio


Regina Osorio is responsible to welcome our clients. Most calls and appointments are made through Regina. During the time with the firm, she is known to be a charismatic and enterprising person. She is always willing to collaborate and able to balance both the company and the client's time.

Esperanza Montealegre

Legal Secretary

Esperanza was born in Miami, Florida to immigrant parents from Nicaragua. Working in customer service, she developed a passion for helping others. Esperanza started working for a law firm in Miami and also attended Florida International University (FIU) Legal Studies Institute, where she obtained her Legal Assistant Certificate. She enjoys working in the legal field and is currently pursuing her Paralegal Certificate at FIU online. 

Esperanza supports Attorney Numa by procuring important information from deportation officers, law enforcement and various immigration courts. She facilitates efficient communication between our clients and the Attorney by organizing and scheduling phone or in-person appointments. Facilitating seamless flow of information from our office to our clients and vice versa is one of Esperanza's top priorities.


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